Two Myths About Men's Business Suits

Here are two common myths about business suits that far too many men believe.

1. All business suits are boring

Because a lot of corporate jobs require men to wear business suits that are typically dark-coloured and plain, many men mistakenly think that suits of this kind always look a bit boring and tend to lack personality. In reality, a business suit can be as simple or as interesting as its owner wants it to be, as there are many ways to add character to this outfit.

For example, lots of men like to have their suit jackets lined with beautiful materials in interesting patterns. The presence of, for example, a bespoke silk lining in a checked or polka-dot pattern can make that otherwise simple business jacket very unique and interesting, whilst still enabling the owner to wear this garment in a business environment (as the lining will mostly be hidden). Likewise, the plain buttons on a business suit jacket, cuffs and trousers can be replaced with engraved or upholstered ones, which will add a flash of brightness and personality to these items of clothing.

2. Business suits can only be worn in corporate settings and at business meetings

Because of their name, many men assume that these suits are only suitable for those who have corporate jobs or who attend a lot of business meetings. Whilst this is indeed the primary function of these suits, the reality is that many men who buy them end up wearing them in a lot of other types of environments.

For example, a man can easily wear a business suit to any occasion where he is required to be somewhat formally dressed, such as networking events, special church services (such as those held at Christmas and Easter), funerals (provided the suit is a dark colour) or when he needs to attend a theatre performance, such as an opera or ballet.

A suit like this can be dressed up or down to make it suitable for a specific occasion; for instance, a man can wear his suit without a tie, and with a colourful shirt, to give his outfit a dressed-down, fun look when attending a party, or he could wear a bow tie and a pair of Oxfords shoes to make it suitable for the opera. In short, a business suit is a very versatile outfit; contact various stores to learn more about your options.

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Here are two common myths about business suits that far too many men believe. 1. All business suits are boring Because a lot of corporate jobs require