4 Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Corporate Suits

The standard corporate suit seems to be facing more competition from casual wear in the modern world. While casual wears are perfectly fine for non-corporate outfits, you will most likely require a more professional suit when attending corporate business meetings or job interviews. So, where do you start? Getting the wrong outfit or suit colour will make you look less professional. There are various factors to pay attention to when shopping for your business suit. Read on to learn more. 

Size Matters a Lot 

Before choosing and buying any business suit, understand your size. Unlike buying casual clothing, you must be precise and accurate when it comes to suits. Whether you've selected the cheapest or the most expensive suit, the right fit will make or break your outfit. Picking the ideal fit can be a daunting task, but knowing your correct measurements will be essential to finding the right size. 

Get a tape measure and a colleague to help you take correct measurements for a trouser and shirt that fits properly. Take measurements from your neck, sleeves and shoulders to your chest, waist and thighs. Also, remember to measure the height from your head to your feet. Keep your tape measure tight and avoid measuring too close to your body since you might end up with an uncomfortable fit. 

Keep in Mind the Fit

Depending on what style makes you comfortable as per your body style, there are various fits you can consider. For example:

  • Slim fit – This type is usually tapered through the legs, fitting closely to your body. It looks great with a close-fitting jacket or coat.

  • Tailored fit – This style falls between a slim and classic suit, with slightly tapered trousers and a shaped waistline. 

  • Classic fit – It has a straight-cut waistline and provides more comfort for wider-chested men and more space for comfort. 

Pick the Correct Fabric

Fabric matters a lot when selecting your business suit. There are numerous fabrics, from pure cotton and linen to wool and blended fabric variants. Generally, suits made from pure wool would make an excellent choice if you are unsure of what to go for regarding the fabric. Wool is a natural material and would be the ideal choice if you live in colder environments. 

Choose a Professional Tailor

If you choose to purchase your suits straight off the rack, find an experienced tailor to modify them for you. Since not every standard suit will be perfect for your body type, consider longer suits slightly with some space allowance when taking it for adjustment. When done expertly, altering the suit can change its fit and feel to match your needs. Therefore, choose an experienced tailor who specialises in business suits. 

For more information on business suits, contact a company near you.

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